Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things to share and a sneek peek...

Where has the time gone? With the start of school and the end of summer and canning, my creative side has been put aside for a while. no avail has returned. It started with a birthday gift for Tee's best friend.

Last fall Tee accidentally left her poncho at Jay's house and Jay fell in love with it. So I couldn't resist making a perfect gift for a great little girl. The best part was all but the trim and zipper were from my stash, making it a very inexpensive gift.

It is made from purple and black fleece with a cute pink and purple trim. It is hard to see but it has a hole for the hands to slip out and into the pockets.

The trim ended up pink and purple due to the fabric store not having the right shade of purple. I think it ended up okay. For such a simple (no sleeves, no legs, ect.) poncho it turned out very cute and loved by a special little girl. We hope you love it Jay.
Then there is another special little girl in our lives that had a birthday and chose to be baptized. That included a special dress for the occasion. She picked one out that she liked and the finished product is pretty close to the original. It is made from white gauze fabric and completely lined with broadcloth. I must say that this gauze fabric is very forgiving when mistakes are made. It is very hard to pick out but also very forgiving.
I think the biggest challenge with this particular dress was the sleeves. With them not being a set-in sleeve or with an open underarm it created some constructing techniques that I don't use very often. It was a learning experience and I was very happy to do it. It did end up a little big. I guess that is what happens when she lives 800 miles away.
Every little girl's special dress should have a matching one for their favorite doll. This one is slightly different than May's actual dress, but very close and perfectly modeled by Addy.
And now...a sneek peek of the current projects for the upcoming holiday.

Sequins and more sequins...

The finished projects will be up soon! I just can't wait!