Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahhh, Christmas sewing...

My Christmas sewing got a little crazy this year. If life didn't happen around my sewing projects I would have been just fine. Each year I make Christmas pajamas for my side of the family. That means 7 pairs of pajama pants and 5 nightgowns. All matching, at least as good as I can. This year we added one of my best friends kids into the mix which was another 4 nightgowns and 2 pajama pants along with 4 doll nightgowns. Because the doll has to match too, you know.
Lets add into this project a boy home from school for 3 days because he was sick, a four day vacation with my daughter, a boy home from school for another 6 days because he was SO sick and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, an out of town piano recital, a friend's (we are her "grandchildren" because she has none) surgery and care for her after. That is almost too much to think about. No wonder I got really sick when it was all over. I was worn out.
Despite the big project that it was, it sure was fun. It reminded me how much I enjoy spending time in my sewing room, hanging out with my sewing machine. Call me crazy...I already do. And the kids have great memories, even when we can't all be together they get to see pictures and say, "Hey we match." It really is fun!