Friday, November 11, 2011

Ahh, my princess came through...

I was having trouble getting pictures to upload and she finally made it. I can't believe how big my Tee is getting. This year she wanted to be a princess. I can totally do princesses. Especially this one. It was really fun to put together and then to see her all dressed up. I let her pick out some fancy jewelry to wear with it and a fancy headband. She LOVED it.

For halloween our ward has a carnival that the youth put on. This always happens the wednesday before Halloween. So I got her costume finished up for her and she tried it on. You have got to love this little girl. She turned to me and said, "When we go trick-or-treating I am going to get cold. Can you make me a cloak to go with it?" How can you say no to a sweet question like that? Well, if the fabric hadn't been on sale it wouldn't have happened. I got right on her cloak and had it ready for her to wear at the school parade. I think she was pretty in love with her costume this year!

In preparations for the church carnival, Tee was actually at a friend's house and was able to get ready there. This friend's mother took the time to curl her hair (which I can never get to hold a curl) and made Tee feel like the most special princess around. I am so greatful to her. Except now Tee wants me to curl her hair often and I can't get it to hold. I am going to need lessons.

Halloween is over... why am I posting about it? Well, because I have been very busy around here and not so good at keeping up with it. So here is my Halloween post. I know you have all been waiting for it.

This year was a pretty easy year for me. Partly my own doing (I was thinking a little this year). In talking with the kids about what they want to be for Halloween, Jay decided he wanted to be a pumpkin. Great idea!!! I already had one made from three years ago. I told him to get it out of the box and see if it still fit. Score! It did. I don't think it will do for next year though.

Ace wanted to be a musketeer. That is great too. I have one of those in the box too. Sadly, that one didn't fit anymore and a new version has to be made. Good thing I know how to shop sales. He picked red and blue and loved having the cape. He "flew" around my house. I know that isn't part of a musketeer, but he sure had fun. And his friend even got to play as well. The old cape fit him great!

Tee's costume will have to wait. I am having problems loading pictures.