Friday, June 17, 2011

Las Vegas Baby Girl

Not too long ago I had a "need" to make a blessing dress. I had to go in search of a baby girl to make this special dress for. And that little girl got her dress. Now, just a few months later, I have three baby girls to make dresses for. I am loving every minute of it and every one is just a bit different from others I have made.

This first dress was made for a friend of my sister-in-law. I have made a dress like this before and she fell in love with the mental picture that my sister-in-law gave her. So another dress was born. It has a simple bodice with a cap sleeve and no collar. It buttons up the back and made from my favorite satin. This satin happens to be my favorite because I can always find it on sale and it is totally washable. You know, just in case that sweet baby spits up on it or has a diaper accident.

I was pretty much finished and the dress just needed something more so I added a satin ribbon at the waist with a bow and a touch of pink.

The skirt has two layers of tulle layered over it with silk rose petals enclosed. They are free moving and add just that nice look for a complete dress. Love it! Thanks for the baby girl to sew for.

Two more dresses will be coming soon. I have two more nieces on the way.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Gift

Okay, I know, I know...I forgot to turn the pictures before I posted them and now that they are uploaded I don't want to start over. So here goes anyway, just turn your head a little. :)

I really have been busy as of late but not much in the sewing room. I am a little sad about it. But my dear hubby and I got to take a much needed getaway to Las Vegas. It was so much fun and the time together was needed and wonderful. We forget and get caught up in the day to day and kids that we are important too.

So a couple weeks ago was a baby shower for one of my husband's cousins. I decided to make her a hooded towel. I received one for my first baby and LOVED it. True it is a little large for a newborn but she will love it just the same and use it for years and years.

My dear sweet Ace was such a good sport to model a purple towel for me. He really did a great job and I don't plan on using these pictures for blackmail in the future. Although it could happen.

The towel is made from a purchased bath towel and hand towel. I used my daughter's towel as an example and cut the hand towel in half, shaped the hood and sewed it on. Love a quick gift! Pair it with some baby soap and lotion, great gift (at least I would love something like that)!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh it may just work...

I am hoping that this will work. I am now on my regular computer and planning that this will work just like it always does. I try to do something every year for teacher appriciation week. Our teachers put so much time into our children and are underpaid and overworked. So this year I was contemplating our gift to them and it just started to esclate and became a large gift. Not exactly as I had planned but really wonderful in the end. So I had planned to make a loaf of fresh bread for each of them. But you can't just hand them a loaf of bread so I put a jar of jam with it. But once you put the jam with it you have to put it in something to keep it all together. Do you see how is escalated? So I remembered this bread basket set that I had made a while ago...there was two of them. How lucky was that? I finished them up, gave each season's cloth a quick ironing and put it all together.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers!!!

This quick and fun skirt was put together in an evening for a sweet 5 year old's birthday party. She is such a girly girl that it was just perfect for her.

Another birthday gift perfect for the birthday boy. And totally by accident. I had gone into the sewing room looking for something cute for a pillowcase (and something that I had enough of). This one jumped out at me and it turned out perfect. We got to the party and his cake was a volcano with dinosaurs surrounding it. Great job, Taylor!