Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some of the Holidays

The holidays were really hard on me this year. Usually they are very busy but this year we added a funeral and a wedding to the mix. Both involving trips elsewhere. I am greatful they are over and things have settled down. I even have rekindled my relationship with my sewing machine...I am happy to report that it still likes me. So even with the craziness of the month I got a few things accomplished. I finished working on my "sea" of fabric only to create a "sea" of jammies.
It was very fun to do this for my sister. If you look closely you can find...(it is like my very own "I Spy" game) one little boy jammie pants, five little girl nightgowns and two doll nightgowns. Because your doll has to match too. If you didn't know that, you may not have a little girl around.

The nightgowns fit an 18" doll such as the American Girl dolls.

And since I was making jammies, my kids got matching ones too. 9 total...6 girls, three boys and three dolls. I am already planning next year.

Tee and Jay wanted to give pillowcases to their cousins (the cousins draw names on this side of the family) and these are what they picked out. It is pretty fun to take your kids to the fabric store (call me crazy I know) and let them pick out what they want and what matches it. They really have a good eye.

This is really our first year with teachers and I think they are great. Our teachers do so much for our kiddos and have such a hard job! With the news of the funeral we took the kids out of school the week before Christmas in addition to their winter break. I thought I had that whole week to finish up gifts and get the teachers something special. This was a quick gift that I put together for our teachers. Cute, cute reindeer made from a bottle of sparkling cider and brown fleece. I hope it made our teachers feel special and help them know that they are appriciated.

I am back to the creating game...I am not so sure about the computer game. I will keep the camera handy!

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  1. Those reindeer are so adorable!! I will have to remember them for next year.