Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jenny Lou Hospital

 Over our family reunion this summer, the Jenny Lou Hospital was opened. I have fixed alot of of things since I learned how to sew, so many moons ago. But this time, a hospital was necessary with many tears from little girls.

The kids were set up in the backyard...a tent for the boys and a tent for the girls. They really had a great time, making memories and such. We were getting ready to go somewhere and the girls had thought they closed up the tent. Well, somebody must have been confused because we came home (late mind you) to find several stuffed animals and dolls mangled by the resident puppy.

The girls were heart broken and all were in tears. Mr. Sock Monkey (belonging to one of my nieces) needed an operation and Ms. Sydney (belonging to my Tee) had lost a hand. My sweet Tee was so upset about Sydney. An uncle helped her out and made her a cast, which the girls promply signed.

So, the Jenny Lou Hospital was born, operations were performed and slings constructed. That is one experience the girls will never forget.

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