Friday, August 21, 2009


My life has consisted of quite a lot in the last few weeks and I am ready for it to settle down. Will that happen? Probably not. So, most of my creating has been placed on hold due to the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. They have kept me in my kitchen making sure that we have food on our shelves, for a rainy day. Those rainy days come in many ways and I am sure grateful for the storage that we have, even when stored in odd places around our home. Anyway, on to the fun stuff...

One of the young women in my ward was married this last week and she asked her cousin to make two of the bridesmaid's dresses. She called me and asked if I would help her along with the project. It was quite a project. With one bridesmaid living 800 miles away and the other being herself, it makes it kind of hard to fit them just right. She did a great job despite all the struggles and they both were beautiful!

Also pictured here is my skirt I did to wear to my sister-in-laws wedding. I don't make a whole lot for me now days (my kids are way more fun to sew for) and this turned out really well. I have loved it. It is a chiffon skirt with flounce and fully lined.

This red dress was a very fun project for me! This mother of the bride (same wedding as the bridesmaid's above) came to me with the problem of not being able to find anything red that she liked but found this yellow dress that she liked. So with picture in hand, a pattern with just the basic shape of the dress and beautiful red fabric I made the dress of her dreams. It fits just right and turned out better than I ever imagined.


  1. the mother's dress is amazing! Way to go with all of it! you pretty much rock.

  2. Beautiful dress.

    You have a great blog. I'd love for you to come and visit my blog. I just made a Vintage Vogue Original 1944 Design, V2858. On the previous page you'll find a dress I made from an original 1974 pattern that I found in an antique store. I call that post The Lady in Lavender. And lots of other things in between. Hope you enjoy.

    By the way, I am also a homeschooling mom.