Saturday, August 29, 2009

My quilt is continued...

Well, time has passed and lots of things have been made. First of all I am so excited to say that my quilt project is no longer on hold and is ready to be put all together. But more of that in a minute.

Some of my time lately has been spent preparing for the upcoming Kindermusik semester. My kids have been taking Kindermusik classes (basic music, learning to love and appriciate music, ect) from a wonderful woman in the area. She mentioned one day that it would be great to have a bag to store the kids instruments in. So I went home a made one for the four kids in Tee's class. The teacher loved them, so I made some more. The semester is about to start and I wanted to have some on hand for the new kids starting their classes. They are a simple corduroy bag with a drawstring and they work wonderfully with the kid's glokenspiels.

The next project has been a new apron for Tee. She has been making many cinnamon rolls lately with only one apron around. That means that in between batches I have to make sure to get her apron washed. I thought forget this, I will just make another one so that she can switch. I am really happy with how this one turned out too.

She loves it, which makes it even better.

I think the ric rac around the edge and the ruffle at the hem really make the apron cute and girly. We all know that Tee is very girly!

It, of course, ties in the back.
And now to my quilt that has been hanging on in the back for quite some time now. Partly because of all these other things I have been working on and mostly because I ran out of the blue and white fabrics. So being stuck at 62 finished blocks and needing 70, I had to decide what to do next.
This is what I decided. With the motto...use what you have before you buy more...I came up with these fun yellow and red squares. I really love them. There is only 8 of them and they will be spread out randomly among my more subtle blue and white blocks.
I think it will be okay. Stay tuned to see the finished product. Okay at least the finished top will be soon. The whole quilt might take me a while. We will see. School starts in a week or so. That will change my life dramatically.

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