Friday, September 18, 2009

Way Cute Scripture Bag

My Tee has a great primary teacher that really encourages the kids to bring their scriptures to church. In our house the kids have a scripture bag that they share. It began to create a problem when Tee takes it to church and the boys want to too. So the problem is now fixed. Tee had a brithday this week and her gift? A cute, custom scripture bag. And so far she loves it.

It is made from a dark blue denim and accented with a dusty pink. I hand emroidered her name on it. The top flap has a small pocket with a zipper, perfect for pencils or other small items. It is held closed by the clips on the bottom. Around the front and back edges is pink piping.

On the top we have a handle made from backpack type straps, reinforced with a denim hand hold. The pink squares reinforce the handle and add just enough cuteness.

The top flap is lined with the contrasting pink. For now it is a little big but soon she will be getting a quad and it will fit perfectly. Hopefully it will be great for quite a few years (you know how their opinions change as they get older).

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