Monday, November 1, 2010

Baptism Dress

I have been a busy mama lately. Sometime this summer I...
went to 2 family reunions,
went to Salt Lake City, twice,
and made two dresses for a darling little girl to get baptized in.
I am not really sure how it all fit in. Oh...that is why my head isn't really on straight.
A sweet little girl needed a pretty white bracelet to go with her new princess dress.
Many, many beads were used on her dress. Two and a half packages to be exact...probably several hundred. (The lining peeked out in this picture. The hem ends with the line of beads.)

The neckline had to match the hem.

I couldn't turn this picture so forgive me and turn your head instead. The back laces up and she loved it. It helped with the fit also. All summer I have been thinking about this dress and I sat Miss T at the computer and have her take a look at some dresses online. Mostly to get an idea of what she liked and not. I have a bad habit of making her what I think is pretty and not what she likes. So I don't think that this is fully what she wanted, but she loved it in the end and it is exactly what I pictured in my head. I love that. Not always things come out of my head the way I picture them.
The inspiration came from this dress. And I sure enjoyed every step of the way. Stay tuned for the other dress. I still need to take pictures of it.

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