Friday, December 3, 2010

Cute Cute Noelle Quilt

As with every quilt that I make, this cutie has a story. This one a little more of a story than some others. It all started with my quilt group. Where else would it start? This particular quilt was put together using a non-bonded batting. That means that the batting will come apart after using it and then you get little bits of batting spread out in globs. I'm sure you have had a quilt like that before. So when you have non-bonded batting the quilting needs to be closer together than if it is bonded batting. With this in mind, I brought the quilt home, ready to machine quilt it.
Then my sister-in-law got really sick and we needed to make the 12-14 hour (depending on conditions of children) drive to Salt Lake City, Utah. Quite honestly, I don't do well just sitting around. I like to have something to do. So I grabbed this quilt, my needle and thread and decided to hand quilt it. I had a few hours to kill.

I didn't work on it much on the drive there because we left late enough in the evening that it grew dark rather quickly. So during the next week, while we were there, I had some time to work on it some more. Then we packed up and come home. My quilt still unfinished by the time we returned home.We got home, school started and life began again. My quilt sat in the closet waiting for me to stop and enjoy it again. That time shortly came when my sister-in-law took a turn for the worse and passed away. We again made the venture to Salt Lake City, with a few hours to kill. I kept at it, this trip was a little more hectic and we came home again with the quilt, still unfinished.
This sweet little one was finally finished this last week. I had a back injury that left me completely down for a week and a half. My that was sure boring. I don't do well with that. But I have a great support system, husband and friends! I love them all! Thanks to them, we made it. And my quilt it finally finished, all done by hand. I don't know how many I will do by hand. They require a lot of sitting around.
One of my other sister-in-laws nicknamed this one the "Noelle" quilt. I think I agree. Too bad another sister-in-law (yes keep counting, there is 6 sisters on my husbands side) is having a boy.

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