Monday, February 28, 2011

Block a Palooza continued...

I am very excited to write this post today. My camera went on a vacation with the husband and accidentally got left there. But that didn't stop me from continuing on with my blocks...just no pictures were taken and posted. So here we go...
I have been learning alot along the way and I have really appriciated that. This block (above) in particular I am having trouble with. The colors I chose just don't really work and they make the block different from the original example. For future reference, putting colors together for quilts is different than putting color together for clothing. I am not very good at the quilt part.
Another thing that I have learned is that as a beginner quilter, working with stripes probably was not a good idea. I am funny about how I want my stripes to go and sometimes I just couldn't make it work.
Again...color and contrast...need some help.

I do love this one.
This one was a nice easy change from the last more complicated block.

Applique was a new one for me as well. Like I said...a learning project.

And last so far...I actually skipped a block and moved on to this one. I am having trouble with my colors and stripes on the block I skipped. So I currently have two blocks to do before being caught up with the quilt along. The newest block was just posted today. I am very excited about the new block...just got to make the colors and stripes work. Challenging...

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