Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's do some catching up.

First off, I really haven't been in the sewing room a whole lot in the last couple of weeks. This is the time of year for canning and I have done my share to make sure we have our food storage for the year. It has been time well spent. we are catching up on a few projects that I just haven't gotten around to sharing.

I had two new nieces born this summer and both needed blessing dresses. Sweet Abby's was requested to be a daisy dress just like the one I shared before. The other one was a little harder. Little Audra was intended to have a different dress but my plans changed...

Her dress began to form in my head. Then as I was trying to recreate it into fabric, it just wasn't coming together. Sometimes that happens to me. I hope I am not the only one. So two days before I needed to get it in the mail or it wouldn't be there, I scrapped the dress and started over. Call me crazy! I know I was thinking it. But this one came together and went in the mail.

A while ago I came across this white linen skirt at Goodwill. I fell in love with the sheer, embroidered hemline. Even though it was a size 4 ( longer fit into that size) I bought it anyway. This was the time to refashion it.

So here we have our before picture. (I don't do many "refashion" projects)

Since it was linen I decided to keep it simple. This fabric really didn't need much to make it pretty. I had a simple, short sleeve and added a daisy trim to the neckline.

The gathered skirt was already hemmed for me with the adorable embroidered hem. Gotta love that!

And here we have our after shot. A simple, white, linen dress.

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