Monday, September 19, 2011

The stack is no longer a stack

My small stack of fabric has turned into many little dresses. It was awfully fun too! I have such a great time sewing little dresses and only one girl to sew for. So when I knew that I could get things to some nieces without having to pay shipping, I jumped on it.

This peasant style dress is very cute and comes together very easy. I made one for my sweet Tee and had to make some more.

Tee got a matching one with a cousin. Except that I had to add a strip at the hem of Tee's because she is so darn tall. I am having to do that a lot lately. She doesn't get the match with anyone very often and she really loved it. I am so greatful to get the share other little girls in my life.This one was for a friend's birthday gift. Her little sister loves to play "dress up" and I just happened to be there when she tried on this dress. A few sizes too big for Emmy but just right for her sister.

Emmy also had to try on Tee's new skirt that I made her for school. Again a little too big but so cute and I can't get Tee to model this cute for me anyway.

These peasant dresses have an elastic neckline and sleeves with a ribbon bow at the the neck as well. The sizes are very forgiving if you get it a little too big. It ties in the back and the neck stretches. Can't get much better than that. They are great for using up the remnant pieces of fabric that I buy. You don't need very much of each color. I have now made 5 of these little dresses and I think that this color combination is my favorite. Although they are all VERY cute on each little one.

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