Thursday, July 2, 2009

The kids are away and Mom has played...

My "to sew" list is shrinking...I may need a new project. It has been so fun to have a couple days to rest, relax and sew! That is pretty much all I have done for two days now. But don't forget the naps. The things I have made while the kids have been gone are going to have to wait a few days, due to lack of models. Funny how when I have the chance to sew it is always for the kids. Hardly ever for me, although I have a fabric for a new skirt just waiting to be created.
The other day I caught a sale at JoAnne's that I just couldn't pass up. All their clearance was an extra 50% off. So the boys got new Jammies and a matching pillow case. All for a dollar a yard. Call me crazy (okay I know lots already do) but that is a good deal! And they each got to pick out what they wanted. Too much fun!

Tarryn pick some out too but has chosen to make her pillowcase herself. It is a very slow process but she is doing great. Who knew a 6 year old could sew? Her jammies are waiting till she gets her pillowcase done.
Pillow cases are very fun, in my opinion. You can do whatever you want and to see how happy my kiddos can get over their pillow is even more fun. They are very easy if you want an easy project.

At our ward party last week the activities committee asked me to make a family flag to represent us. Of couse, as usual, I waited to the last minute to finish it up and have decided that a few modifications are going to happen, but overall I am pleased with it.

Stay tuned...when my models return...girly jammies with matching doll jammies, 9 year quilt project...FINALLY finished! and a cute, cute girly dress!

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