Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Fun

This last weekend my sister-in-law was married and the creative side to me said, "What better excuse to make a new dress for Tee (my 6 year old daughter)?" Well the dress evolved from just a dress to matching ties for her brothers (they can't clash with the wedding party - didn't you know?) and a new skirt for me. At the last minute I decided to add my husband in the mix. If everyone matches he should too, right? Well, he got left out because I was 6 inches short on fabric. Can you get more handsome boys? I think I was blessed. I was really impressed with these two guys. They have only worn clip on ties before so I was kind of worried that maybe they would throw one of their fits over this new tie. Well they didn't and they looked so handsome. They even thought they were pretty cool.

Somehow in my mix of pictures I didn't get a very good one of Tee's dress. So here is the best one I have and soon will get others that show better detail. Tee went to the fabric store with me and picked out a pattern, showed me all the alterations she wanted on it (yes, is it sad that a 6 year old knows what alterations can be done on a pattern to make it what she wants) and picked out her fabric. The only thing different from what she wanted is that she asked for it to be floor length. I made the executive decision not to due to that fact that the wedding was in Las Vegas in the middle of July. If you don't quite know what I mean, we will just say that the weather was up in the 115 range.

Tee's dress turned out beautifully. She chose elbow length sleeves with a flounce on the hem. I added silver beads to the princess lines, waistline, and sleeve. She chose my favorite type of satin to work with. It also has a netted slip underneath to help it "poof." What little girl doesn't like her dress to "poof?"

I was also able to alter the flower girl dresses to help them show a little more color. That was pretty fun too.


...And after. With these dresses the lining was the right green and the overlay didn't let enough of it show so I cut off the hem of the overlay and pulled up the hem at the hip to allow for more color to show. These two little girls were very cute walking down the aisle.

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