Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Happenings...

My world has been very full lately. After I finally felt better after my back injury, I got back on track with my Christmas projects, and added a few others in there too. For future reference...don't stand under basketball hoops while trying to move them. They will always win!
My dear sweet husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I think that question gets asked a lot. Normally I really don't want much. Maybe a new pair of pants to replace the ones I wore a hole in the knee (don't ask...I have kids). Or a new sweater to replace the one that I am still wearing from high school. Nothing big or exciting, and usually very practical. This year was a little different (at least in my mind). I really wanted shelves for my sewing room. And here they are. I am SO excited about them. I haven't had time to organize anything yet but it will come. Trust me! Merry Christmas to me!
My sewing projects this year consisted of 11 pairs of pajamas plus matching ones for 7 dolls. Well, due to my wonderful back injury, only 2 of those dolls got jammies (so far). There were 6 pairs of pants and 5 nightgowns. And from what I hear...all the kiddos like them. That is good news. Very fun for me to do.
But when you go to the fabric store and buy 3 bolts of get a few strange looks. And yes, I walked out of the store with three entire BOLTS of fabric. It is okay though...the ladies at the fabric store know me and have made comments about watching my kids grow up. Sad huh?
This project I have been very excited to finish. One of my goals for the year is to be better at making a phone call or sending a card for birthdays in the family. Now you must know that with my family and my husbands family that adds up to over 50 birthdays to keep track of. That doesn't include grandmas and grandpas or aunts and uncles...just parents, siblings, their spouses and their children. My relief society did this board as a super saturday project and I was anxious to do one. It only came with ten little dots for people though...Problem! So I did what I could and here it is. I now have more of our family on there but still not everyone. I bought out the store's supply. So my dots will grow and hopefully I won't forget anyone this year!

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  1. Jare was so excited to see HIS jammies on here! and the even more excited to see Joseph and Andrew sporting them as well!

    I love the Birthday board and I do beleive I am going to try and copy it...some how. We will see...where did you get the little circles?