Friday, June 17, 2011

Las Vegas Baby Girl

Not too long ago I had a "need" to make a blessing dress. I had to go in search of a baby girl to make this special dress for. And that little girl got her dress. Now, just a few months later, I have three baby girls to make dresses for. I am loving every minute of it and every one is just a bit different from others I have made.

This first dress was made for a friend of my sister-in-law. I have made a dress like this before and she fell in love with the mental picture that my sister-in-law gave her. So another dress was born. It has a simple bodice with a cap sleeve and no collar. It buttons up the back and made from my favorite satin. This satin happens to be my favorite because I can always find it on sale and it is totally washable. You know, just in case that sweet baby spits up on it or has a diaper accident.

I was pretty much finished and the dress just needed something more so I added a satin ribbon at the waist with a bow and a touch of pink.

The skirt has two layers of tulle layered over it with silk rose petals enclosed. They are free moving and add just that nice look for a complete dress. Love it! Thanks for the baby girl to sew for.

Two more dresses will be coming soon. I have two more nieces on the way.

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