Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh it may just work...

I am hoping that this will work. I am now on my regular computer and planning that this will work just like it always does. I try to do something every year for teacher appriciation week. Our teachers put so much time into our children and are underpaid and overworked. So this year I was contemplating our gift to them and it just started to esclate and became a large gift. Not exactly as I had planned but really wonderful in the end. So I had planned to make a loaf of fresh bread for each of them. But you can't just hand them a loaf of bread so I put a jar of jam with it. But once you put the jam with it you have to put it in something to keep it all together. Do you see how is escalated? So I remembered this bread basket set that I had made a while ago...there was two of them. How lucky was that? I finished them up, gave each season's cloth a quick ironing and put it all together.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers!!!

This quick and fun skirt was put together in an evening for a sweet 5 year old's birthday party. She is such a girly girl that it was just perfect for her.

Another birthday gift perfect for the birthday boy. And totally by accident. I had gone into the sewing room looking for something cute for a pillowcase (and something that I had enough of). This one jumped out at me and it turned out perfect. We got to the party and his cake was a volcano with dinosaurs surrounding it. Great job, Taylor!

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