Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another baby outfit...this time a boy.

You would think that I have a baby in my house with all I have been working on for babies lately. I just had a new niece born early this morning. Her dress is coming soon.

This little tuxedo was made for my nephew that lives in Las Vegas. Dear Hubby and I got to visit him at about a month old. It was really fun! We left the kids home with Grandma and some friends and spent four days just the hubby and myself...and the new baby. The tuxedo is made from my favorite satin. It is from the Casa Collection at at JoAnns. What I love about it is that it is easy to work with...not too much sliding around (that happens with satin you know). I also love that it is 100% washable. Perfect for my sweet babies. Because you know that they are either going to spit up on it or something else and will require washing.

I used a different satin for the stripe down the leg and the vest. I just love how these little outfits turn out. Although this one was a bit large for the little man. It is just so hard to estimate their size when you get started long before they are born.

And you can't have a tuxedo without a bow tie.

This time I made a long tailed jacket to go with it. I have only done this once before. Before another gets made my pattern is going to get a little tweeking. It turned out fine but just not what I was thinking.

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